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We are so pleased to announce that our membership service now is a dynamic multi-studio platform where you can stream and download hours of fully high definition best ballbusting material from all over the world at the click of a mouse or right onto your mobile device or tube. We built this brand new UniverseFLIX platform from the ground up so you can stream virtually from any internet-enabled device in the world. Basically we did to Ballbusting what Netflix did to the movies. Of course it includes all available hot PUN! material for download and unlimited streaming. With more than 600 ballbusting memberships sold you can't afford to miss out on this ballbusting experience. Start here

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Protect Ur Nuts comedy has been making hilarious ballbusting video clips since 2015. Over the years our hits have gotten stronger and production quality has improved. However, something that has never changed is no protection ever! Our world-famous ballbusting models are known for their ridiculous beauty, fitness and diversity. Added with devastating kicks, ballbusting knees, the most painful squeezes and foreign object right in the vulnerable balls makes for hilariously enjoyable comedy. Do not forget to check out our completely unscripted Rock, Paper, Nuts and Beepong ballbusting games. They're guaranteed to leave you sore... down there. Start here

Best Ballbusitng Video Series

Our production house has had innovation as one of our core values from the very beginning of our business. As a result, here is the only place online where ou can find our ballbusting Hollywood Nights!, the Kick in the Balls Challenge, our ballbusting News Channel and our very latest Ballbusting Galore series. We invite you to check out each of our very niche focused production styles. If anything you better protect your nuts, don't say we didn;t wanr you. Start here

New Ballbusting Video Releases 

Who will make the guy fall down first? Powerful Knees, hilarious reactions where the girls really feel sorry for him but they still want to win so they selfishly keep kicking him in the balls. Laugh out loud as the girls find out who squeezed the balls better and they try to make the mall fall to the ground on each of their ballbusting turns. Can you guess who will win? True Slow Motion shots, laugh as the other girls watch each other kick your balls without feeling any pity for your nuts. Rosie even starts talking about Elena’s shoes as the man can barely stand holding his balls. Elena hilariously asks him if he’s okay, then she punches him and orders him to fall!. They make fun of the fact that he won’t have babies. True Slow Motion Included. Pun shows her exactly where his testicles are, and she knees him full force to his absolute ball pain! Stomp & trample. Preview

Elena calls her bust buddy to well, bust his balls! Laugh out loud as ballbusting model tests her gorgeous knees and hard kicks on her victim’s hands, only to devastate his testicles on the very next hard hit! Ballbuster Elena makes sure to include an uppercut from behind, a back-fist wwe-style nut punch and the classical ball squeeze that brings down any male. Did we mention a drop to knees and square ball punch? If ballbusting self-defense and hard hits it’s your thing. Don’t miss this one! Preview

Watch gorgeous Venezuelan model Elena give her first ballbusting kicks to the balls and gain confidence as she gets to try her full strength kicks, confident knees, sneaky uppercuts and even a fresh nut-squeeze to a man’s testicles. As always, no scripts so you can discover her real castrating reactions as the guy has to stop for a second to take in the pain… as you would. She learns to knee you right with her knee bone. Not bad for a  girl next door. Laugh out loud as she apologizes for her anatomical goddess power in the middle of unstoppable giggles as Pun tries to get up. Will her left or right foot kick harder? What about her hot ballbusting knees? It doesn’t matter because in the end of the clip, model Elena destroys his balls with a back-fist punch and squeeze.  Includes Tru-Slow Motion shots at 240 FPS. Download now! Preview

Watch ballbusting model Elena genuinely enjoy kicking you in this sexy  Rock, Paper, Nuts game. Laugh out loud at her best reactions after she kicks, knees punches, and stomps her male partner right in the testicles, wearing the a sexy but deadly skirt. As if that weren’t enough, you can hear Rosie behind the camera asking for maximum damage so she can laugh harder. You simply can’t miss Elena as she gives you your most private male pain. Cute? Not so much when she rushes you to get up so she can kick you again harder. Wanna try? Download now! Preview

Introducing ballbusting beauty Elena along with Rosie destroy a persistent man by the testicles. This man just came at the wrong time as the girls are in the middle of their male bashing. They're so over men that they agree to kick the next man that approaches them right in the nuts! Ballbusting clip includes hot model Elena & Rosie, Hard Kicks, Knees and devastating punches in the nuts by both girls. In the end the guy comes back with protection, not that it mattered because your nuts are always weak and that's why you're the weaker sex. Enjoy! Preview

Listen to the women as they just can’t stop giggling talking about your most vulnerable parts! In this hot and unscripted ballbusting interview latina model Renata describes how she finds ballbusting to be such a stress reliever. She even goes on to say how men have their brains in their balls and how she broke up with a guy because she thought he only had one ball. Give the girl a pair and Renata will bust them! We’ve even added self-defense ballbusting instructions at the end of the interview for the best ballbusting kicks ideas. As always, clip includes a hilarious reaction bustee impersonation by the model.  If you’re a man, you’ve got to watch this show! Preview

Ballbuster Sabrina invites her victim for an innocent game of beer-pong. Little does her guy know that she will deliver full-force castrating kicks, knees to the balls and knees-n-holds every time he loses. Will he be able to compete in so much pain Sabrina couldn’t ever possibly share? Clip also includes swinging metal bats to the balls, baseball and soccer balls to the nuts because ballbusting beauty Sabrina is not messing around. Laugh out loud as she reacts to the pain of her own making, as always no cups and no scripts! In the very end she gives you a very special invitation. Don’t miss it! Preview

Laugh out loud as sexy Jameelah makes the balls and destroys the other set of balls with full force kicks, knee and holds, her signature roundhouse kick and yet more nut crunch squeezing! She even cheats while he is not looking so she can get her way and uppercut him again right in the balls. She even mocks and tells him how look her victim looks when he cries! introducing Knee n’ Crush. Watch Jameelah’s hilarious cringing expression every time she nails him in the balls!  The rules are a bit twisted and bent, If he gets to put two balls, he gets to choose what punishment he gets! In fact, Jameelah just keeps making up rules to bust her victim’s balls. Can't miss this one! Preview

Watch ballbusting superstar Jameelah and new best seller Sabrina compete without remorse to bring their victim down on the floor in a 10 second ballbusting knock out! Laugh as they comment and laugh at their victim's reactions. As always, NO SCRIPTS & NO CUPS! Clip includes ridiculously hard kicks, full-force knees, punches, and baseball bats. Clip includes alternate angles and REAL ball kicks. Will Sabrina overtake Jameelah as our hardest ballbuster? Preview

Gorgeous model Sabrina makes her debut ball kicking video hitting the nuts running with excruciating ball kicks, donkey kicks, ballbusting knees, baseball, soccer balls and her favorite, baseball bats to the nuts! Laugh out loud to the best ballbusting reactions yet as well as spontaneous unscripted conversations about guys hilariously getting hit in the nuts. She even compares ballbusting to a ball game she plays at the arcade! As always, full hits and zero cups. Shot in full HD, with smooth 60 fps, instant  replays, and slow mo picks included. Preview

Meet gorgeous ballbusting model Renata! Laugh out loud as Renata knees, punches, and kicks her opponent right in the balls. You really have to wonder if you’ll feel more pleasure or pain as you helplessly fall to the ground in absolute pain! This ballbusting beauty reacts hilariously right after every kick, which she executes with no holding back. She even gets the target right with those gorgeous slender legs without even looking! Clip includes different angles and smooth 60fps shots. Don’t miss this ball busting clip! Preview

Sexy Valentina opens her School of Ballbusting so she can teach her hot girlfriends how to defend themselves against a man by targeting his testicles. Laugh out loud as she shows them the knee, the kick, the squeeze, the uppercut, the double kick and double knee. The only winners here are there ballbusting women. Don’t miss out the laughter and disbelief in all the women’s face as they see their girlfriends destroying their victim’s balls. Pure kick, after kick, knee after knee. Non stop! Preview

Hot ballbusting model Salem gets honest about what she enjoys the most kicking balls at Protect ur Nuts. She also tells us all about she’s been wanting to kick some inconsiderate guys in the balls lately. She even gets deep into ballbusting, the media and the “visceral” state of being hit in the testicles. Of course she explains her castration fantasies and tells you something about your balls, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET. At the end of the interview, of course she knees her victim and drags him around while squeezing his balls because, fun? Don’t miss this ridiculously real, deep and painful discussion about the pain you feel when you get hit “down there” by a woman. Preview

Gorgeous ballbusting model Salem demonstrates and explains how to stop any guy in his tracks by using his most obvious vulnerability, his balls of course! Laugh out loud as she hits his balls hard with her metal bat! She also knees him hard in the balls, kicks him full force when he offers her a drink (because no you can’t!), and gives him an unforgiving ball-tap & squeeze experience. And let’s not forget the bouncy-boob ballbusting stomp and grind! She finally ends the ballbusting clip by getting out her scissors to castrate him. Will she get the femdom pleasure of cutting his testicles off? You better watch this ballbusting video now. Preview

Enjoy Salem’s hot ballbusting Rock, Paper, Nuts 2! Clip includes platform shoe toe kicks, knee and grind to the balls, hard kick to his balls on the floor, and  heavy castrating punches to the nuts. She even punches each nut separately but consecutively! All this pain while she bounces around like a true feminist with no bra. Talk about testicle pain!!! As always, no cups, ballbusting models’ reactions are unscripted and Salem just truly loves it. She could even “do this all day long” Will you lend her yours? Preview

Watch ballbusters Angie and Rosie describe how they’re going knee you, kick you, squeeze your balls, the hard punch you and the uppercut you from behind in this hot Ballbusting Challenge 8! Watch the girls mercilessly drop their male victim as they drop him to the floor in this painful ballbusting game. They hit as hard as they can while  mocking and laughing at the man for having testicles. Laugh as he hilariously struggles to stay up as the ballbusting girls just keep winning. Angie confesses that she just can’t imagine the pain. Will Angie take Rosie’s ballbusting thunder away or will Rosie defend by kicking the man even harder? Find out! Preview

Get this woman produced and directed ballbusting clip. Goddess Angie learns about the power of her ballbusting kicks and she just can’t let go! She literally grabs her victim by the balls and takes him around for a castrating trip much like a girl with a balloon! And when she finds out he actually has no protection, she keeps going at it even harder! Laugh out loud at her victim’s reactions to the pain as she drops to her knees and testicle punches. Right from behind uppercuts to the balls. And of course the hardest kicks and knees to the balls. Included genuine reaction and dialog with camerawoman Rosie. Don’t forget the serious mockery by ballbuster girl Angie. Also, ballbusting clip Includes ridiculously detailed Slow Mo picks at 240 frames per second. Preview

Don’t miss this Epic ballbusting video! Goddess Salem asks her goofballs friend to practice some “fun”. He should have known what was coming as her female body gets dangerously close to his unsuspecting nuts. Just when the time is right Salem aims her “little jabs” full force to the testicles! She even hits each gonad separately. Laugh out loud as pun kneels before her in absolute pain as Salem demonstrate her absolute woman power. She just has so much fun, even watching him flinch as he is floored by Salem’s female superiority. Ballbusting hits include knees, repeated platform shoe knees, full force punches, a kick from behind, a torture backlist and elbow to the balls, a kick on the floor and stomp until he is “good and sterile. Clips also includes Salem’s commentary belittling him, gorgeous True Slow motion shots and different camera angles. Don’t miss these totally epic ball busting kicks. Preview

Model Angie teaches self defense exclusively for women in this Myth Busters-Style ball busting video. We already know this girl kicks balls, but did she have to use full force?! Laugh as she executes torture kicks, devastating full-force knees, and castrating punches to the unprotected balls. Ballbusting clip also includes hot POV, alternate angles, True Slow Motion picks, and hilarious mocking reactions from Angie. Preview

Watch Goddess Angie perform the ultimate ballbusting kicks, torture punches, devastating knees, all directed and shot by goddess Rosie. Laugh out loud as Angie discovers she really enjoys kicking men in the testicles and celebrates it with sexy dances. Ballbusting clip includes shots from being a low angle behind her victim’s legs and commentary from Rosie behind the camera. Don’t miss Angie’s hot ballbusting. Download to your tube now! Preview

This is a woman’s exclusive clip with ballbusting model Stacy demonstrates the power of the full power ballbusting kicks with platform shoes, devastating swift knees, a fearless punch to the testicles and her signature ballbusting uppercut to your unsuspecting hangers. Laugh out loud as Stacy calls her naive cousin in order to obliterate his manhood, for the sake of women’s self-defense of course. And goddess stacy’s reactions? Priceless at the awesome power of girl kicks balls. Are you game? Download ballbusting clip now. Preview

Would you like to have fun in a ballbusting video with a girl who really and genuinely loves to pop balls? You've got that hot ballbusting video right here! Laugh out loud as gorgeous ballbusting model Stacy increases her strength and learns the ways to cause maximum testicle damage. Ballbusting clip includes ballbusting kicks, devastating knees to the nuts, a goddess punch, and ridiculously hard uppercuts to the balls. Take what no man has taken before, this girl really kicks balls. Preview

Watch beautiful Ballbusting model Stacy as she delivers torture ball busting kicks, ball busting knees, uppercut to the nuts and hot ballbusting squeeze. Laugh out loud as she reacts to his torturous pain in this ballbusting video. This ballbusting beauty truly doesn’t hold back as she tells you that he even likes it. She even knees her man victim in the face. Download to your tube now! Preview

Kicking In the Night is over 20 minutes of non stop ballbusting kicking, kneeing, punches, squeezes and POV along with previously cut reactions from all of our Hollywood Nights ballbusting clips! Featuring Andrea, Sasha, Jameelah and Gio. If you like Strangers in the Night, you will absolutely love this one. Download this ballbusting video now! Preview

Meet real-life natural ballbusting model Larissa! Laugh out loud as Larissa Tells It All on how she kicks guys in a monthly basis and when they least expect it. Are you prepared? Ballbusting video includes a warning to men as well as how her favorite ballbusting method turns guys “into nothing”. Ballbusting clip also includes our most gorgeous and sexiest ballbusting modeling footage yet as well as her hug and knee and knee hold the interviewer in the balls. This clip is guaranteed to make you self-aware of ballbusting girls around you. Download this ball kicking clip now! Preview

Meet hard ballbusting model Stacy! Feel the pain as she puts the pain in each testicle with torture kicks, devastating knees and castrating squeezes that will leave you gasping for help! Vertically encoded in High Definition, you’ve never been closer in a hot ballbusting video. Be a man! Take the femdom challenge from this ballbusitng beauty and download now! Preview

Hollywood Nights is back! Featuring hot ballbuster Jameelah Artiaga. Follow us as we look for ballbusting beauties to tell us their stories about ballbusting a man. As usual, we find that ball kicking is far more popular than you’d think! Laugh out loud as these hot ballbusting girls tell you about how they’d kick a man in the balls for getting their order wrong and watch the women’s reactions to Jameelah’s famous Skittle ballbusting stomp story. So next time you’re out, remember the pain you felt from these ballbusting questions. At the end of it all, sexy Jameelah POV owns the camera man just like in her ball-busting videos. New mic used for total clarity. Download now! Preview


Will you be thanking Jameelah Artiaga for the pleasure of kicking you in the balls? You better as she will turn you into a flat-earth.... we mean flat-balls busting man believer in this ballbusting video. Laugh out loud as she femdom crushes you with her scissors just like she ballbusting crushes your balls! Incidentally, ballbusting pain is free! Clip features femdom kicks, knees and heavy ballbusting uppercuts the weakest area of a man's body. She finishes doing her busting ball with her victim with a devastating knee and hold grand finale! Download now so you can also get the pleasure of singing the high notes in total pain. Download now, namaste! Preview

Babe Valentina in high heels takes advantage of a man at the bar trying to prove his superior male strength by ballbusting and devastating him where it hurts him the most, his testicle! This guy at the bar irritates Valentina and insists that she needs a man that is strong like him. Naturally, Valentina decides to her suitor’s strength with ballbuating pain! She femdom gives him long and painful ball squeezes, ballbusting kicking, and full rejection and bust pain mockery. At one point in the ballbusting video she wont’t release him until he says he is sorry. In the end she delivers a final ballbusting knee capable of proving balls are actually flat once in for all. You can’t miss goddess Valentina’s grand finale clip full of pain! Become part of our ballbusting family, Download now! Preview

Before a seriously testicle-risking photoshoot, hot & sexy Jameelah asked a man if she could practice her hot ballbusting kicks, testicle knees, extreme punches, torture uppercuts and castration roundhouse kicks. As she is normally ballbusting guys around on her own, it turns out she is still right on the testicle target! So much so that Pun ended up tortured with purple family jewels after Jameelah performed every bust with world class pleasure. She busts him up using with her left and right arms and legs without holding back. In the pain scale, Jameelah's clips are with 10x the busts and femdom pain. Don't miss the pleasure of downloading this one! Preview

Tune in to our funniest testicle kicking interview yet! Ballbusting model babe Alexa genuinely takes pleasure all the ballbusting questions, talks back, and gives us her Oscar-winning ball busting reaction. Because she knows firsthand the "unpredictable" nature of femdom women, she knows you can feel the pain in your weakest spot at any time! She will even include some ballbusting ideas for your family jewels. Clip includes sensual ballbusting modeling footage and a ridiculous psycho-power torture knee to the man doing the interview. Alexa literally has you by the balls! If you download, you can be next in pain! Preview

Gorgeous Valentina gets to do her favorite ballbusting, squeezing! Laugh out loud as she ballbusting sack taps and squeezes the juice out of her opponent's each testicles in this hilarious torture ballbusting game of Rock, Paper, Squeeze! In addition to six full ball grab and squeezes, clip includes tough kicks and knees to the family jewels. As usual, no script, just ball kicking fun with goddess Valentina. You can't miss this clip, download now! Preview

Us women have only ourselves to blame for allowing a man to teach us how to do some ball kicking. As always, unlike other ballbusting sites, our sister ballbusting has no cups, no scripts, real reactions, and real excruciating pain! Watch as Alexa with pleasure perfects her ballbusting kicks, torture knees, testicle punches, baseballs and bats right in the man's balls. Did we mention the ball-busting combo? Laugh out loud as goddess Alexa tells the man that his pain is so ridiculous. Ballbusting clip includes POV and Slow Mo picks. This ballbusting video is guaranteed to make one feel the full ball pain. Preview


Venezuelan hot ballbusting Model Valentina is back for a non-stop teasing and kicking rematch! Laugh out loud as she busting ball torture squeezes the bejesus out of her opponent's testicle along with some heavy kicking, serious kneeing and stomping right in your tube! You can't miss Valentina femdom power-tripping on her weak man counterpart's testicles with her ballbusting ideas. She even makes a balbuating piano out of him. Ballbusting Clip includes slow-mo's as well as the sexiest femdom victory dances ever on video. Don't you miss this download! Preview


Gorgeous ballbusting Model Alexa is back looking for a pair of two testicles to completely destroy and fix the human overpopulation problem. Experience the pain as in this hot ballbusting video as model Alexa swings a metallic bat, her rock hard knees and her girl-sneakers to her victim's unprotected testicle in this femdom Rock, Paper, Nuts ballbusting game. Clip also includes a roundhouse kick, a knee and hold drop to the floor, a soccer ball right in the nuts and a ridiculously stomp for like 15 seconds! As always, unlike in other ballbusting websites, the hot ballbusting reactions are totally unscripted. Don't miss out on these serious ball kicking download! Preview


Meet hard kicking ballbuster Alexa. Laugh out loud in shared pain as beautiful Model Alexa torture knees, ballbusting kicks and stomps your family jewels in this ballbusting game of beeping where a woman always wins! Clip includes the best unscripted reactions as model Alexa can't help to laugh at the pleasure of her own toe kneess and knees when they strike the weak testicle of a man. Clip includes hot POV and a couple of best Slow Motion selections. Alexa is ready for some ball kicking. Download now! Preview

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