Ballbusting by Natalya (4K)


Natalya: Rock, Paper, Nuts (4K)(HD)

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Length: 12:00 min

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Added: 09/09/2022

Meet gorgeous Natalya and her challenging game of Rock, Paper, Nuts, where when you lose, you get hit right in the nuts. Laugh out loud as ballbusting model Natalya takes the crown as queen of ballbusting mockery. If you can endure her devastating knees, man-dropping kicks, long crushing stomps, and mashed testicle knee-grinds, then you will definitely crack as she calls her victim “pathetic” and tell him how he’d done having children after one kick! After all, for Natalya, the game’s purpose is for you to “lose your nuts” (Not sure where she got that memo but it is true). As always, no cups, no scripts, bed-testicle crushing, and balanced left-and-right testicle hits. Do you have what it takes? Because you certainly will not have after the shoot. Natalya will let you know that this is what you NEED. Download now!

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