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The Monica Bundle! - HD 

Full HD Clips Available

Price: $26.95

Length: 26:54 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 03/23/2016

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following ballbusting comedy clips:


  • Monica: Rock, Paper, Nuts! - HD

  • Monica: Teach Me How To Kick! - HD

  • Monica: The Interview- HD

  • Zoey: Ballkick Practice - HD

  • 45 High Resolution Photos!


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ONLY $26.95 for them ALL

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Price: $7.95 

Length: 4:58 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 03/17/2016

Monica: Ballkick Practice - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Monica: Balkick Practice + Teach Me How To Ki...

Oh no! Model Monica is back! and hurting nuts more than ever. This time Gio gets the best of it as she insisted on practice some more before the shoot was over. Unfortunately for Gio, she had now mastered her kicks, knees and punches to the nuts skills. Clip includes hilarious ballbusting uppercuts from behind when he least expected it as well as Slow Mo Picks, a 360 degree matrix shot as well as a personal message from MonicaExperience the difference with Smooth TRU-to-Life motion shots!

20% OFF

Price: $7.95 

Length: 5:29 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 02/29/2016

Monica: The Interview - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 46 Pix

Professional weightlifter Model Monica gives you the sexiest interview yet! Laugh out loud as she explains why men generally deserve to get hit in the nuts and why it's  so funny. Additinally, she expplains how learned, how she does it, who she does it to she includes hilarious ballbusting reaction impression! Clip includes the sexiest modeling as well as Smooth-Tru-to-Life film technology. And yes, she knees a guy on the beach. Can't miss!

The Interview

Monica + Jane + Pix

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Price: $8.95 

Length: 7:23 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 01/25/2016

Monica: Teach Me How To Kick - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Teach Me How To Kick

Monica + Jane

What happens when you mix ballbusting and weight lifting girls? It's an explosion of burning ball pain (and we don't mean bern)! It is pretty obvious Model Monica packs the hardest knees and kicks on the internet! Laugh along as Monica's dozens of low blow knees, kicks, backpunches, uppercut and nut squeezing engages the funniest reactions from Monica and Pun! Clip includes a psychological thrillerWIDE ANGLE first person shots and amazing Slow Mo. Shot with Smooth-Tru-toLife technology!

20% OFF

Price: $8.95

Length: 9:04 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 02/17/2016

Monica: Rock, Paper, Nuts! - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Meet gorgeous new Model Monica as she takes Rock, Paper, Nuts! to the next level with hard and hard knees, kicks, bats and balls to the balls in this hilarious and sexy clip. Also, don't miss out on the little but painful consolation prize for the loser in the game! Clip includes hilarious unscripted reactions,  Slo-Mo Shots, Behind the scenes and was shot using PUN's new Smooth-Tru-to-Life technology so you can not just see but feel the pain!

Rock, Paper, Nuts! HD

Monica + Jane

20% OFF

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