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Ballbusting by Jane

The Jane Bundle! - HD 

Full HD Clips Available

Price: $26.95

Length: 39:51 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 03/02/2016

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following ballbusting comedy clips:


  • Nutshot Beerpong - HD

  • Rock, Paper, Nuts! - HD

  • Teach Me How To Kick - HD

  • Jane: The Interview - HD

  • Plus 43 High Resolution Photos as a BONUS!


4 Videos alone are valued at $34.80, yet you pay

ONLY $26.95 for them ALL

20% OFF

Price: $7.95

Length: 10:36 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 02/21/2016

Jane: The Interview - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 43 Pix

You've met Model Jane and her kickboxing expert kicks. Now watchthe most hilarious reasons for a girl to kick guys right in the nuts! Laugh out loud as she tells us about domination, advice for guys, a daring question and response about cutting balls off, a super sexy impression of her victims and the sexiest modeling footage yet. Includes SLO MO shots and hard knees to our stuntman Gio.  Must watch!

The Interview

Jane + Veronica 2 + Pix

Add $1.00

20% OFF

Price: $8.95 

Length: 8:39 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 02/15/2016

Jane: Teach Me How To Kick You- HD

Full HD Clip Available

The Teach Me series just doubles the fun with this painful yet hilarious documentary on how Model Jane was trained to make clips at PUN! Watch their hilarious reactions by Jane and Gio as well as a close and personal first person point of view that will get you kicked and kneed (if you're bold enough). Clip includes WIDE ANGLE shotsPUN! TRU SLO MO scenes and a fun soccer ball to the nuts while sleeping scene. Must have!

Teach Me + Ballkick P.

feat. Veronica

20% OFF

Price: $7.95

Length: 7:16 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 02/10/2016

Jane: Rock, Paper, Nuts! - HD

Full HD Clip Available

How do we improve on a classic? Add a baseball bat, more balls and the sexiest models online! Join Pun and Gio as they compete to be the last man standing. Unfortunately for Pun, Gio kept on winning and so he kept getting crushed by sexy asian Model Jane. Of course this totally unscripted clip features martial art expert Jane's real hardest knees, punches, bats and balls to the nuts as well as a hilarious TRU SLO MO.

Price: $9.95

Length: 13:20 min

Format: M4V-HD 1080p

Added: 02/03/2016

Nutshot Beerpong - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Add $1.00

Congratulations! You have stumbled into the sexiest PUN! show episode to date. Yes, we put the sack where no pair had gone before. This hilarious Nutshot Beerpong clip features gorgeous new asian model Jane as well as sensual moves, hard kicks, harder knees and debilitating punches to the nuts whenever she scores! Unfortunately for Gio, she is also a martial arts expert! Includes TRU SLO MO & WIDE ANGLE shots. Will the beer and nut shots get to Gio? Will Jane win the game? Find out!

Full HD Clip + (60 fps

Smoother True-to-Life

Action) - bonus clip @ 7:33 min 

Price: $8.95

Length: 5:05 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 01/16/2016

Good Cops Bad Nuts! - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 59 Pix

Add $1.00

What happens in a city when there is a spike in unlawful superhero activity? Detective Veronica of course kicks them right in the nuts! A spike of superhero activity was registered in Hollywood. Officials blame it on Donald Trump winning the Republican ticket. If you're thinking hard rooftop kicks, knees and stomps to the nuts you're correct! Now you just got to watch! Clip includes TRU SLO MO & WIDE ANGLE shots

Good Cops Bad Nuts!

1 and 2 (+Photos)

20% OFF

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