Ballbusting by Lisa

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Added: 12/21/2015

Childbirth vs. Kick in the Nuts - HD

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Did Pun just say that a "kick in the nuts doesn't hurt that much"? Model Lisa is about to show him wrong with several hard knees, kicks and TRU SLO MO hits to his buddies. Laugh out loud as Lisa confesses that she knew it would hurt and make him crawl in pain despite what Pun said. Clip includes hilarious reactions by Lisa and Pun. This is ballbusting comedy to the sexiest. You cannot miss out.

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Length: 4:50 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 05/09/2015

The Lisa Interview - HD

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Gorgeous blonde model LISA talks to us about her experiences kicking Pun in the nuts and her thoughts on ballbusitng in general. Also, she shows us how to kick and knee a guy in the nuts while modeling for our PUN! Comedy cameras. Overall, she is a nice girl. However, if you hurt her or betray her, you better Protect Ur Nuts!

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Length: 4:20 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 05/03/2015

We Need To See Other People - HD

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Gorgeous blonde Model Lisa is trying to break up with Pun. However, no matter how she phrases it, Pun does not seem to get the message and suggests the dumbest ideas on how to keep the relationship afloat. In order to get her message across, Lisa uses her newly acquired ballbusting skills to knee, kick and break off Pun's grab on her! Clip includes Slow-Mo shots, different takes and bloopers to produce a quality clip that hurts down there!

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