Ballbusting by Sabrina

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Sabrina: Teach Me How To Kick - HD

Price: $10.95

Length: 7:14 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 01/07/2021

Gorgeous Sabrina hilariously learns how to get a man where it hurts the most with ballbusting devastating kicks, strong knees, ridiculous punches, and hilarious ballbusting uppercuts. Ballbusting clip includes real-life hits and reactions, no cups and genuine laughter as the man consistently hits the floor with each testicle blow. In a world where girls kick balls, it’s really hard for a mans to stay standing. Shot in different angles with True Slow Mo is included. This ballbusting video is guaranteed to hurt… in the balls. Download now!

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Teach Me...

Sabrina + Angie

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Teach Me... Sabrina + Angie + Stacy

Sabrina: Rock, Paper, Crush! - HD

Price: $11.95

Length: 11:06 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 12/18/2020

Gorgeous model Sabrina makes her debut ball kicking video hitting the nuts running with excruciating ball kicks, donkey kicks, ballbusting knees, baseball, soccer balls and her favorite, baseball bats to the nuts! Laugh out loud to the best ballbusting reactions yet as well as spontaneous unscripted conversations about guys hilariously getting hit in the nuts. She even compares ballbusting to a ball game she plays at the arcade! As always, full hits and zero cups. Shot in full HD, with smooth 60 fps, instant  replays, and slow mo picks included. Watch now!

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Rock, Paper...

Sabrina + Renata

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Rock, Paper... Sabrina

+ Renata + Salem (v.2)

Latin, Latina Model Mia

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