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The Jadey Bundle - HD 

Full HD Clips Available

Price: $25.95

Length: 28:32 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 11/06/15

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following ballbusting comedy clips:


  • Jadey: The Interview - HD

  • Jadey: Teach Me How To Kick You - HD

  • Public Service Announcement 2 - HD

  • Ball Pain v. Other Pain - HD

  • INCLUDES 48 High Resolution Images as a BONUS!


4 Videos alone are valued at $32.80, yet you pay

ONLY $25.95 for them ALL!

20% OFF

Ballbusting by Jadey

Price: $7.95

Length: 10:03 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 10/30/2015

Jadey: The Interview

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 48 Pix

Add $1.00

You certanly enjoy her testing Ball Pain v. Other Pain and her Public Service Announcement about nuts. Now Model Jadey opens up about her love for busting nuts. Don't miss this clip as she instructs her future daughter how to own a guy! This hilarious interview includes young anedotes, hilarious impersonation of a guy getting hit and a grand finale knee! Can't miss!

Price: $7.95

Length: 6:34 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 08/22/2015

Jadey: Teach Me How To Kick - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Teach Me How To Kick

Jadey and Nicole

20% OFF

One more time we went back to show how our models are trained to low blow right in the nuts! This clip shows just how sexy asian Model Jadey is taught about the several ways she can release a low blow to any potential threat from a male. Clip includes a number of hard knees, back punches, and hard kicks, different angles, close ups, and Slo-Mo's! Absolutely Must have!

Price: $7.95

Length: 4:10 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 10/05/2015

Public Service Announcement - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Public Service Ann...

Jadey and Jovi

20% OFF

Imagine a PUN! model teaching you why cups are important! Then let Model Jadey show you why in the world it is so important that you buy a Protect Ur Nuts cup! Watch Jadey tell her co-star that she really does not care much about nuts and cups. However, after a handful of  knees and hard back punches from Jadey it is clear that all guys are better off protecting themselves, unless they want to end up like her co-star. This clip is hilariously painful with deleted scenes, teaching footage and SlowMo picks!

Price: $8.95

Length: 7:45 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 09/25/2015


Ball Pain vs. Other Pain - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Can you tell the difference between ball pain and other pain just by the reaction? Gorgeous asian Model Jadey wants to play a guessing game with you! How will you fare? During the game she knees, hard kicks, and squeezes her guest's nuts along with other everyday pain for comparison purposes. Clips is sexy, sassy and full of commentary by Model Jadey. Includes slow motion hits as well as hot new angles. Don't miss out!

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