The Vivian Bundle - HD 

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Price: $19.95

Length: 17:52 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 08/06/2015

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following ballbusting comedy clips:


  • The Vivian Interview - HD

  • Kick The Right Ball! - HD

  • Teach Me Teach Me How To Kick 2! - HD

  • Includes 25 High Resolution Images as BONUS!


4 Videos alone are valued at $33.80, yet you pay

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Ballbusting by Vivian

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Price: $7.95

Length: 6:55 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 08/03/2015

The Vivian Interview - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 25 Pix

Check out one of the most awaited PUN! model interview, featuring gorgeous VIVIAN. On this interview, Vivian opens up about nuts and what a resource they are for women as a self defense target as well as a means to win an argument with men. In the end she actually knees and punches her host while he is sitting down in front of her. We agree, she liked this too much. Hilarious! 

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Price: $7.95

Length: 5:13 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 07/25/2015

Kick The Right Ball - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Gorgeous latina model Vivian challenges Pun to a game outside after getting annoyed at him for saying that men are better at sports (soccer) than women "any day". Unfortunately for Pun, Viviana has a ball bigger than his' and they take it outside. Pun will find out the painful way how much of a liability his nuts are when playing a woman. Even the ball will test his nuts' strength and nuts fail! This is a hilarious clip, must watch!

Price: $9.95

Length: 5:55 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 07/20/2015

Teach Me How To Kick 2! - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Teach Me How To Kick

1 (+ Photos) + 2

Due to popular demand, we did it again! Ever wonder how our models are trained to low blow right in the nuts? This clip shows just how sexy latin model Vivian is taught about the several ways she can release a low blow to any potential threat from a male. Unfortunately for Pun, this clip has Vivian try a number of hard knees, kicks, & back punches right to the nuts! The film includes different angles, close ups, PUN! TRU SLO MO shots & much more. In other words, gold!

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