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How to get Kicked in the Balls: A Guide

The concept of a kick in the balls is definitely out there. From your latest Hollywood ballbusting blockbuster to the women’s self-defense segment in your morning news show. It is no secret that even the biggest and meanest man will fall to his knees in agonizing pain from a strike dead on in his weak balls. As a result, if you’re looking to experience this there is no need to explain it to a woman. In fact, whenever I’ve attempted to explain this to any woman, they tell me they already know. Some even become curious and ask if that’s ever happened to me, others ask in a mocking tone. Minutes later, they’re all trying it out on me. Yes, ALL.

If you’d like to get in the psychology of how women decide to strike mercilessly at your balls, you have to understand the psychology of people. It would seem people are basically curious and find certain things like a challenge irresistible. You are probably the most important topic for yourself and women are no different. This is why a woman is far more likely to kick you in the balls in a competition with another woman than if you just ask for it. In fact, trying the latter may lead to the woman never talking to you again, maybe ever. In other words, think of people as cats and not dogs. Cats are curious and they will come to you if something you have or something you do spark their interest. Some teasing will spark their interest about whether they can do something well, even at your expense. This is how you can get kicked in the balls.

Also, no one likes weird, but everyone likes fun, even if it is a little weird. Some teasing, some jokes, perhaps you can tell her of the time you got kicked in the balls but make it as fun as possible and this may light her interest. Once you do spark her interest, rest assured that you will be kicked in the balls.

Today we live in a digital age where it is possible to find women… or men, without actually having to show your face or have them know who you are. Apps like Tinder give you an unprecedented opportunity to talk to women and tease them about ballbusting. You should lead the conversation into ballbusting so that you can tell her about that one time you got hit in the balls. She will not only find this funny (because she doesn’t have balls and she could not possibly understand) but she will also find it “cute” because you’ve opened up to her. But be careful, it’s okay to open up and leave your male vulnerability open because it is not your fault. What is not okay is to open up about your feelings or any frustrations you may have had with women or getting kicked in the balls or any pseudosexual fantasy early. This will kill the chemistry and you will lose your chance of even meeting the lucky lady.

There are several dating books and audiobooks about being confident with women. A bit of cockiness and funny goes a long way. Too much cockiness and you will be seen as an a-hole. Too much funny and you will be teletransported to the friendzone before you can say “Scotty!” Then tease her about how she can’t kick you in the balls and that’s how you will get kicked in the balls.

On our site we have plenty of videos where scenarios are played where beautiful women do not hesitate to kick someone in the balls. For some, this is comedy, for others it is painful. Sign up here to get Full Access to our skits and real-life street interviews.


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