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Real LA Ballbusting Story

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I was about 25-year-old when I met 18-year-old girl Julia. She was beautiful, intelligent, and extremely playful. She was not very tall but slender and had gorgeous long black hair and lively eyes. Julia typically would wear revealing skirts or tight jean shorts that innocently revealed to the world the toned shape of her long and powerful legs. In fact, many of her friends would tell her that her legs were her best feature. I sometimes wondered if she ever nailed any of her friends in the nuts with those. In fact, whenever I would stand near her I would think that just a quick knee would probably render me on the floor holding my nuts in pure agony as she would laugh or giggle. I was in love with her, so I would have to make her want me.

Naturally since I wanted her to want me I would tease her constantly and neg her from time to time. If you don’t know what is “to neg” a girl, it is when you deliberately compliment or flirt with someone else in order to undermine her confidence. She also tended to be physically playful, which made being around her extremely sensual. One day she tried to playfully hit me in the face while wearing those ridiculously sexy shorts. So I grabbed her arm high and she would pull so close that I could smell the sweet smell coming from the side of her neck, and her hair’s shampoo. Whenever I did this, I knew I was leaving my nuts vulnerable, but I also knew she would not dare. Julia was a good girl.

At the time I was taking salsa lessons at my university’s salsa club. Julia was from South America so I naturally invited her to dance with me. She recommended a Latin club where her friends usually would go to hang out on the weekends. You would not believe how nervous I was as she was naturally a great salsa dancer. Salsa is what they breath and exhale in South America. I remember driving down my car with her singing out loud some of the popular music of the time. That night in my car, I noticed could see her sexy crossed legs if I looked down just a little. I can tell you this because I tried it about three times. I could not see if she saw but I know she noticed.

We walked in the club, I remember being extremely excited for being with the cutest girl there. Her eyes were lively as she looked for her friends for me to meet. Obviously, I could not let her know I was head over heels for her. So I would look around and from time to time and I’d tell her about some pretty girl near us. There would be nothing wrong as I was single, and she was single. She had to know I was not an easy catch!

Inside the club I met her friends. They were a group of about six or seven twenty-something year-olds. There were some guys in the group, but I didn’t see them as a threat as I thought I could handle them. I was on my A-game that night, clearly.

As we were all talking amongst each other and doing the proper introductions, I had the ingenious idea to go and get a drink. Naturally I asked Julia to come with me as I was inviting her. She agreed and there we walked to the bar. As we waited for the bartender to finish making our drinks I noticed her looking at me. I had her, I knew my game was working. I was for sure going to have a memorable night. I was not wrong about the latter or you would not be reading about it.

This is the part where I should not have negged her. If I had a time machine I would go back to this instant and urge myself not to neg her! At least not at that instant and not in the way I did. But, hey I was single right? We were now both with our drinks giving our backs to the bar but with our heads to each other locking eyes. So just as thing was getting heated up, the hottest pair of boobs happen to pass across my face. They were not Julia’s but they looked like melons from the Greek gods, full of juice, no, let me be clear, no man could have refrained from looking! If I would have been a married middle-aged man, I would have still have looked and then told my wife “hey honey, they look so fake”. But I was not married and I was young. But this is not the worse. She would have probably not minded that I just looked but I had to say something too. I don’t know why I thought this would be a good time to neg Julia. Then I said to her “Wow! look at that hot girl with the really perky boobs!”

What happened next I will never forget. Before I could say the next word, whatever it would have been, I felt a warm all too familiar pain shooting up from my testicles into my lower abdomen. Just as I felt that, I saw Julia’s back fist retract from my groin area as she gave me a last disappointed look and walked away. I was still there, with my legs bending at the knees as if instinctively trying to protect my nuts from further attacks but it was too late. She had now walked away but the sick pain had now taken over my whole abdomen area and I started gasping for air. Where perky boobs went I could not tell, I had a more immediate concern, or recovering from Julia’s brutal and right-on-target low blow.

After a couple of minutes passed I decided I didn’t want to be a loner at the bar and decided to go after Julia. After all, some of the guys at her group may be getting a bit too comfortable with her. I slowly walked towards the patio where the group was interacting. She was there, at the opposite side of the small circle where her friends were still chilling and talking to each other. I could still not stand up completely up right and my breathing was still a bit too fast for normal. One of her friends as he saw me arrive asked me if I was alright, and so I naturally responded that I was doing great. Then I looked towards Julia and noticed her locking those same beautiful lively eyes right at me as she giggled at the sight of me. She knew why I could not stand up right and sounded funny.

It didn’t work out in the long term with Julia but we did have some ridiculously sensual encounters after that night for a couple of months. As you could have guessed, she had the opportunity to nail me a few more times in the nuts but I will save those stories for next time.

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