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BRAINS! The first of the three overarching reasons why women are superior to men.

Women are smarter than men. Now if this was 25, 30 years ago, that might be a groundbreaking statement, but today that truth is far from revelatory. It’s pretty much accepted, albeit not openly talked about as much as it should be, that in a general sense, the female mind is more complex, more efficient, and more capable all around, than the male brain. Later on as this blog series continues we will go into the specifics of the how and in what areas of life we can see this best demonstrated, but for today it’s important to note that as far as both science and culture are concerned, this is pretty much standard for understanding our world and the battle of the sexes. In fact, it’s so well established that women are all-around more intelligent than men, that anyone who argues this is pretty much just called a “denier”, which is a term reserved for fringe people who disagree based on personal desire or bias, with the 99.999% of the rest of the world on a given fact about reality.

The thing that you probably didn’t know is the main reason behind this difference in cognitive ability. In fact, the two, equally important reasons behind this difference is, you guessed it….balls.

Balls are the main reason the male and female brain are incredibly different. As most know, a human baby en utero is female up to a certain point. Then if the baby is going to be male, certain amounts of hormones kick in to change parts of the body, namely the testicles. The testicles produce an incredibly large amount of testosterone while forming and that testosterone changes many things throughout the body. One of the things it effects is the brain.

You may have heard that women can multitask better than men. Well this is because a woman’s brain can talk “to itself” much better than a man’s. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are designed to be completely integrated and to share information at lightening speed, allowing the individual to use all of the information available to make a decision. In a woman this process works flawlessly. In a man, not so much. This is because the massive amounts of testosterone produced by the balls when they are forming, actually injures and dismantles the majority of the sort of “highways” between the left and right brain. By the time they are finished forming, instead of an information superhighway, that remains intact in a woman, information bottlenecks as it’s passed back and forth like LA rush hour traffic trying to fit onto a single lane highway. This is why a woman can multitask, or solve multiple complex problems simultaneously, remember everything or simply talk circles around a guy while he just stares dumbfounded. Her thoughts are racing and his are in rush hour traffic. She’s working with fiber and he’s working with dialup.

Sadly every human brain originally has this ability, but just like in most other situations, balls ruined this for men creating a huge cognitive handicap that manifests itself in all areas of life. So the next time you’re wondering why it seems your guy just can’t keep up intellectually, even though he’s smart, don’t blame him, blame BALLS. Turns out because of balls, every man really is a little brain damaged.

by Nuts will Roll

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