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Brains, Body, & Balls

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

BALLS! Half the world has them. The other half has them in the palm of their hand. They have been the ultimate symbol of masculinity, which has always been synonymous with power and strength for millennia. But now, science and culture are starting to reveal a different story. Instead of power and strength, balls are becoming a symbol of male weakness and frailty. In ever category from intellect and business acumen, to longevity and health they represent a vulnerability that is intrinsic to maleness at its very core, that goes far beyond merely the comedic and dramatic gasping and grasping of the family jewels when they are met with a stray soccer ball “accidentally” kicked by a younger sister.

It is important to realize that this blog doesn’t hate men. To the contrary it sees men as an important and even vital half of our beautiful species. Yet it also desires to be realistic about the limitations of man, and the limitations that man has in contrast to the very few limitations that woman has, and the fact that this limiting factor is balls themselves. Those who have them had lost the battle of the sexes before they were even born.

The greatest scientific and cultural discovery of the 21st century has been the intellectual and biological superiority of women. As you will see Brains, body and balls are the three reasons for this superiority, but the greatest of these is balls. We hope you join us in celebrating and poking fun at these amazingly pathetic little orbs that God has given to the lesser half of our species in order to keep men in check and to provide women with endless laughter. We hope to be uplifting, educational, and entertaining as we explore just how lucky women are that they don’t have balls, and just how smart men would be to simply accept the truth about themselves and their two best friends. WARNING, this blog will likely leave both men and women with terrible pains in their stomachs; men because this will be a literary kick in the nuts, and women because you can only laugh so hard before you get a sideache.

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