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Ballbusting by Liana

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Liana: Rock, Paper, Nuts 2! - HD

Price: $8.95

Length: 10:07 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 04/06/2017

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Liana:Rock, Paper, Nuts!

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For the first time the male model protests for his testicle pain only to be kneed right into the game by gorgeous Model Liana! But it won’t stomp there. Watch Liana giggle with dead on kicks after smashing ball knees and painful ballbusting punches, a baseball bat and ridiculously close POV. Laugh out loud as the guy falls to the ground every time and Liana asks if he liked it. Sexy Liana even stomps and kicks him and hardcore knees him when he is down! Will you take a hug  or a hot kiss from Mode Liana? you better protect ur nuts! Clip includes POV, Tru-to-Life Technology and Slo Mow Picks. “You like that?”

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Liana:Rock, Paper, Nuts!

1 + 2 + Tiffany

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Liana: Nutshot Beer Pong! - HD

We made an EPIC fast-paced version of Nutshot Beerpong​ featuring gorgeous Model LianaDespite Pun's great care in protecting his balls, Model Liana manages to sneak clean and devastating knees, pulverizing kicks, mortifying back heels and the longest and most painful squeeze to the testes! The pain ends up preventing him to make any shots as falls repeatedly falls to the ground only to have Model Liana stomp and knee him right in the balls while he is down. This clip truly brings kicking people when they're down to a whole other level! But not everything was smooth as Liana finds out it's harder than it seems when she hilariously