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Ballbusting by Jameelah Artiaga


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Length: 5:09 min

Format: MP4

Added: 07/08/2015

Zombie Apocalypse, Episode 2 - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Full HD Clip + 16 Pix

In Episode 1 we saw how Los Angeles became a place where Zombies roam and one is to stay inside. In this Episode Jameelah finds refuge at Pun's house who has also survived. After some hot chemistry Jameelah must have her tuna. She will knee, punch and uppercut ballbust Pun in order to get what she wants. Episode 2 is filled with sexy action, features TruSloMo, deleted scenes and the best ballbusting humor. This is certanly one of Jameela's best!

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Zombie Apocalypse

1 and 2

Price: $9.95 

Length: 7:55 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 06/18/2015

Call Me Caitlyn - HD

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Full HD Clip + 56 Pix

Sexy PUN! Superstar Jameelah is back to force Pun to protect his nuts! This is specially true when Pun decides to become a woman not out of any real need but just to follow celebrity trends! Jameelah get extremely annoyed at this and helps Pun by blasting him in the nuts with knees, kicks, a backpunch and a painful stomp. Clip includes Slo-Mo and TruSloMo Shots at 240 frames per second. Must watch!

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Length: 7:20 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 05/22/2015

College Kids (Part 2) - HD

Full HD Clip Available

This hot new version of College Kids is close and personal as the viewer takes a completely different close-up and then a looking up upwards of what happens when someone gets hit in the nuts! Jameelah's amazing skills along with her true desire to ballbust Zarro results in a close, intimate, and hilariously painful clip! This is a fresh clip and was not included in any bundle. Must watch!

The Jameelah Bundle! - HD 

Full HD Clips Available

Price: $26.95

Length: 30:40 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 05/06/2015

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following best-selling ballbusting clips:


  • Zombie Apocalypse - Ep. 1 HD

  • True Slow-Mo, Feat Jameelah

  • College Kids - HD

  • The Jameelah Interview - HD

  • Includes 141 High Resolution Images as a BONUS!

  • Includes 30 Still Frames as an added BONUS!


4 Videos alone are valued at $33.88, yet you pay

ONLY $26.95 for them ALL

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Price: $9.95

Length: 5:17 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 05/01/2015

The Jameelah Interview - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Funniest and Sexiest interview yet! Jameelah explains why she is extremely excited about our site and shares with us the most enticing ballbusting insights as to why women ballbust the way they do. As part of the post production we added a hilarious clip in real time from her True Slow-Mo clip below. By far, one of our "jewel" clips at PUN! Comedy.


  • Includes 30 Still Frames as a BONUS!

  • Includes 141 High Resolution Images as a BONUS!

Price: $5.99 

Length: 6:04 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 04/23/2015

TRU SLO MO, feat. Jameelah - HD

Full HD Clip Available

We went to where no man has gone before. We filmed TruSloMo clips with Jameelah at 240 frames per second of kicks and knees to the nuts to see if it was funny. And well, it sure was! As always, make sure to pick up protective cups while after the clip. Must watch this first of its kind!

Price: $9.95

Length: 9:08 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 04/23/2015

College Kids - HD

Jameelah Artiaga offers to teach Zarro math, but only if Zarro helps her with her self-defense class. Given Zarro's experience with PUN! Comedy he adamantly refuses. However, Jameelah must have her ballbusting way. This clip is filled with funny kicks, knees, uppercuts, round-house kicks and the funniest reactions! Watch our sexiest Jameelah video yet.

Full HD Clip Available

Price: $7.95 

Length: 10:30 min

Format: MP4-HD

Added: 04/16/2015

Zombie Apocalypse - Episode 1 - HD

Full HD Clip Available

Beautiful Model Jameelah stars in this 10 minute thrilling episode about the end of days. Los Angeles becomes a place where only the fittest can survive. At first, it seems love and determination can overcome it all. Eventually it erodes to a story packed with ballbusting humor, including kicks, knees, uppercuts slow motion shots and then someone gets ran over. Will our model die? Fin.d. o

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