ProtectUrNuts Comedy - Thank You


ProtectUrNuts Comedy - Thank You

March 13, 2015

Hello Everyone, my name is Carlo Amatucci from Vegas. I am the IT guy at I wanted to write a short piece about the traffic this site is generating, which is truly off the charts as far as what we expected to start with. Our goals are still extremely ambicious and as we continue to work towards them, we feel blessed that we begin with a leg up. Let me share some fun facts about our audience:


Most Visits come from the US, Greece, and the UK (In that Order)

Biggest customers are the US and Italy (my mother homeland, go figure)

Digital Media outsells merchandise 1-10 (Although with the new revamped Shop merchandise sales should increase)

Our Youtube Channel is also off the charts, Subscribe now as we will focus on adding more videos in that platform.

This is the coolest one: Whenever you visit, there's always at least one more person logged on to our site. This means you're never alone!


These are great figures for a site that is less than week old. We would like to stay around for a long time or forever so your support by purchasing a video or merchandise  and giving us feedback will go a long way. We look forward to continue growing in order to be able to continue to provide, clean, funny and friendly dark humor we love.






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