The Kick In The Balls Challenge

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Length: 8:10 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 06/23/2016

The Kick in the Balls Challenge - HD

Full HD Clip Available

The Kick in the Balls...

+ Julieta: Ballkick Pr...

Models Zoey, Stephanie and Chloe compete in a fiersome battle to be the one who brings the PUN! stuntman from a severe strike to the balls! You have watched their previous clips, who do you think will take "the cup of victory", pun intended. Will it be a devastating ballbusting kick, a knee, or something else? Clip includes the segment TRU-SLO-MO to view the ripples through our clothes as well as the girls' ang guys' reactions. With non stop hilarious hits one after the other, this surely is a must!

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Price: $7.95

Length: 6:57 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 06/30/2016

The Kick in the Balls Challenge II - HD

Full HD Clip Available

The Kick in the Balls Challenge I + II

Oops we did it again! Introducing gorgeous Model Ava, we asked her and Andrea Julieta to a seriously fun ballbusting competetition to see who would bring the stuntman down first! Little did they know that Ava packs the hardest kicks and knees to the balls in town and baddest shoes! Will Ava be able to beat a PUN! veteran? How will the guy take the shots one after the other? Let's just say his nuts get literally pushed up his mouth after the final stomp, just watch.

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The Kick in the Balls Challenge 3! - HD

Price: $9.95 / PUN! Pass

Length: 10:05 min

Format: MP4-HD 1080p

Added: 11/23/2016

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The Kick in the Balls Ch..

1 + 2

This Thanksgiving holiday just got a lot more painful (down there) with gorgeous Model Alysa and gorgeous Model Ava competing to bring Gio down first with their hardest and most devastating strikes to his testicles. Laugh out loud as the competition heats up, the girl's empathy wears down and the kicks, knees, punches begin! Never have two most beautiful models competed so hard to kick someone in the nuts! Are you up to the challenge? Would it be in the receiving end? If so, you can't miss this one. As always, clip includes hilarious male and female reactions, filmed with PUN! Tru-to-Life motion technology and TRU SLO MO shots filmed at 240 ftp so you can see the ripples through the girls' muscles as they strike your balls!

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The Kick in the Balls Ch..

1 + 2 + 3

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The Kick in the Balls Challenge 4! - HD

Price: $9.95

Length: 9:17 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 03/09/2017

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Kick Challenge: 4 + 3

+ (Alysa vs, Ava)

The U.S. and China have agreed to settle their differences over a painful Kick to the Balls Challenge! Gorgeous model Liana & gorgeous model Tiffany  will settle the score ballbusting poor Pun's nuts! Get your couch and beer ready, this sports competition is seriously painful! Clip includes devastating knees, pulverizing kicks and a hilarious A-bomb punch to the nuts and amazing reactions by the girls! Who will win? We can't tell you but there will definitely have to be a rematch! Clip also includes a ball kicking photo shoot behind the scenes, and Slow-Mo-Picks and a live score. Must protect balls! Hey North Korea, watch out!

  • Includes 25 High Resolution Photos FREE!

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Kick Challenge: 4+3+2

+ (Alysa + Ava+ Julieta)

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The Kick in the Balls Challenge Bundle - HD 

Full HD Clips Available

Price: $28.95

Length: 42:24 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 05/29/2017

This introductory offer includes ALL of the following ballbusting comedy clips:

  • The Kick in the Balls Challenge 4! - HD

  • The Kick in the Balls Challenge 3! - HD

  • The Kick in the Balls Challenge 2! - HD 

  • The Kick in the Balls Challenge - HD

4 Videos alone are valued at $36.80, yet you pay

ONLY $28.95 for them ALL

20% OFF

The Kick in the Balls Challenge 5! - HD

Price: $9.95

Length: 14:52 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 05/26/2017

Full HD Clip Available

The Kick Chall. 5 + 4

ft. Kim + Tiffany + Liana

Given the repeated success of our The Kick in the Balls Challenge series, we decided to supercharge it and do it again! Introducing Model Kim from South Korea we have her face off Model Liana for a competition on who can hit in the balls and cause the most pain! This clip is packed with tight squeezes, absolutely devastating knees, ridiculous hard kicks, punches from the front, punches from behind, several angles and a live score board! Will Liana be able to beat Kim after her match with Tiffany in The Kick in the Balls Challenge 4? Let the ballbusting games go and may the odds ever be in your favor! Includes TRU-to-Life Smooth Technology, and Slow Motion Hits. Have you ever seen a a man be lift up from the floor by the balls? Don't miss!

20% OFF

Kick Cha. 5+4+3 ft. Alysa + Ava+ Tiff+ Kim+ Liana

20% OFF

The Kick in the Balls Challenge 6! P1 - HD

Price: $10.95

Length: 10:51 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 07/01/2017

Full HD Clip Available

Teach Me How To Kick: Kick... Challenge 5 + 6

The females finally take advantage of their no balls power and take over the shoot! Feel the intensity as both the American and Chinese Girl appoint a female judge (Kim) to actually score the power and intensity of the debilitating kicks, devastating kicks, demolishing punches and excruciating ballbusting to the testicles! Laugh out loud as Liana, Clara and Kim watch in disbelieve their subject falls to the ground with each painful female hit to the testicles. Yes, even Kim gets to kick him. Our sexiest most hilarious clip yet, don't miss the ballbusting party!

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Tiffany: Chall... 6+5+4

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The Kick in the Balls Challenge 6! PT2 - HD

Price: $9.95

Length: 11:28 min

Format: MOV-HD 1080p

Added: 07/21/2017

Full HD Clip Available

The Kick...Challenge 6

Part 1 + Part 2

We are excited to announce to have now reached the ballbusting summit of Kick in the Balls Model Challenges with this Part 2! Model Liana, Model Clara deliver brutally devastating hits to the balls as competition heats up! You can really hear the thuds as the gorgeous models kick, knee and tap the balls with as much force as they can muster. In the end? Just when our guy can't handle it any more, the grand finale featuring a killer long squeeze to the balls that will bring down ANY man! Clip features Slo Mo Picks for both Part 1 & 2. If you can only get one clip, don't miss this one.

20% OFF

The Kick ... Challenge

5 + 6 (Part 1 + 2)

20% OFF

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